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1000th Client Title 



Recently, Macie Video Service logged in its 1,000th client! That's a 900% growth in just the last 5 years.

David Skillicorn was the lucky shooter who happened to purchase a Sony 400 that we purchased, reconditioned and sold. Not only did he buy a great camera but he also got a free Camcorder Survival Kit for being our 1000th.


 1000th Client



It's clients like David and you sharing your respect for us with others that has made this incredible growth possible.

Almost all of this growth is due to word of mouth only! We are all extremely grateful for your support.


How will we show our gratitude?

  •  We will strive to provide the highest quality of service in the USA.

  •  We will continue to provide the shortest turnaround possible.

  •  We will shift our expertise into other formats and models as you upgrade to newer technology.

  •  We will continue to set the broadcast industry standard for the highest quality camera setups anywhere.

  •  We will continue to add to our specialty camera set-ups for most models of digital cameras.

  •  We will continue to specialize in service for the high-end independent videographer. We like being your personal maintenance tech!

  •  We will continue to provide the services in the FREELANCE LISTING GUIDE and NET POLICE free of charge.

  •  We will continue to provide our clients field technical support whenever possible.

  •  We will continue to provide maintenance tips to help you diagnose and solve problems in the field.

  •  We will continue to provide you with preventive maintenance information and tell you "like it is", problems you can expect in the life cycle of your gear. We try to eliminate surprises that can kill your maintenance budget.  

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