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Thanks to your support, year 2000 was our busiest one on record. Demand for service for other formats has been increasing.
We will be adding other products to our specialty service list as soon as we are geared up. We too are getting excited about
the new "Digital Age" we are entering.

Now for the Maintenance tips

Audio problems can also be caused by electronic components that aren't subject to wear and tear but instead are affected by heat and age. All video equipment uses electrolytic capacitors in its circuits for filtering, coupling, or bypassing signals. These "caps" are constructed and act a lot like common batteries. Simply they are constructed with metal plates separated by an insulator soaked with an electrolyte fluid. This fluid is corrosive and can leak out of its case, resulting in both electrical failure in its circuit, and/or damage to the printed circuit board.

Audio problems that are caused by bad "caps" usually begin with popping, distortion, frequency response, noise, and level problems. They often act intermittently and are usually temperature dependent. Generally these components last a very long time and usually well over 10 to 15 years, but with miniaturization, that life expectancy has dropped to a point where we often begin to see problems within 6 to 8 years. Earlier models used the larger, longer life components, but over the last ten years or so with the change over to surface mount technology, most equipment seems to be using these short life caps.

What can you do about this problem? Being aware that it is a real problem is a start, because there are things that you can do to extend their life and minimize problems. First, make an effort to keep your camcorders, cameras, and decks cool remembering that heat accelerates the aging process. Power it down whenever possible, and store your equipment in a cool place.

What can we do to help you? Our preventive maintenance procedure usually includes visual inspection of all capacitors. If you replace the leaking caps before the printed circuit board is badly damaged you may "save" the board and not have to replace these generally expensive circuit boards. Dulling of solder connections are the first signs that corrosion has begun which is a good time to replace these questionable components.

Throughout my career as a maintenance technician, I have had the responsibility to maintain many cameras and decks. As with every manufactured product there are two ways to maintain them. The first is to fix only what fails and hope for the best, which is the least expensive in the short term. The alternative is preventive maintenance where parts are replaced according to there life expectance resulting in much less of a chance of failure in the field. While more costly in the short term, the improved reliability will substantially reduce long-term costs by reducing frequency of repairs, less down time, repair and shipping costs, and possible client loss.

We hope that you have picked up some hints that can help you trouble-shoot problems in field, reduce long term maintenance costs, and improve not only equipment reliability but also your client relationship.

Take care,

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