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The Macie Uniform Standard camera setup certified program was developed for, and used daily, by thousands of broadcast and video professionals, who require the highest camera image quality, along with the peace of mind of knowing their camera will closely match others that are certified. 

Benefits of Certification:

 1)  Best possible image quality proven daily by thousands of users in every conceivable video application.  In fact, one half of Macie Video Service's 2,700 clients, with Sony, Panasonic and Ikegami cameras, came for our certifed camera setup.

2)  Camera alignment begins with lens compensation to correct for lens flares (black tracking), white shading (even flat field), and preset color (calibrated color balance).  Then all other camera alignment parameters are set to the Macie Uniform Standard color and detail settings.

3)  Because each camera alignment is set to a precise set of video and color specifications, all cameras will closely match.  The actual image will allow the camera to reproduce all colors as close to reality as possible. 

4)  While a better match is done with multiple cameras at the same time, this method has been acceptable for most clients because it is so cost effective and can be done by sending in one camera at a time. 

5)  Little, if any color correction needed in post production, resulting in cost savings. 

6)  Camera setup is independent of recording format, codec, standard or high definition.  Works seamlessly with up or down and cross converted video.

7)  With camera costs decreasing, and the demand for multiple matched camera productions increasing, Macie Certification enables freelance videographers, TV, cable, rental and production companies an alternative to hiring a DIT / Video Shading engineer,  to take the time to match cameras on the set.

8) We do offer our camera setup services on site as well for critical and high-end productions.

9) Soon, our Freelance Listing Guide will be updated to highlight the Macie Certified cameras and crews on the web, making it easy for producers to locate and hire the best available crews and gear. 

10) Certification period is around eighteen - twenty two months.  This is the typical time period where camera aging / drift will begin to be noticed.

11)  Our Uniform Standard remains consistent over time until we find a new model that does not have enough range to meet our specification.   We will only then update our standard slightly to allow this model to meet our specification.   Over the last seven years of HD alignments this has been done only two times.  This is another good reason why a certification period is needed.

12) While new models we setup are added continually, see our extensive list of Sony, Panasonic and Ikegami cameras we setup, including HVX, PDW, HDX, HVR, HPX, HDW, and more. If yours is not on the list, please contact us. List of Cameras

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