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Pix 240/Nano Flash Camera Mod 3.0
Lens/VTR Triggered Recording With Confidence LED

We can provide a modification to your HDX900 which will allow you to trigger a PIX 240 or Nano Flash recorder without rolling tape.

To accomplish this, we add a connector to the rear of the camera to accept a signal from the recorder, and modify the viewfinder to turn on the Green LED, which is a CONFIDENCE indicator that the unit is recording.

Pressing the lens or VTR record button will start the Pix 240 or Nano Flash recording. The recorder will then send a record confidence signal to light a green LED in the viewfinder.

The signal is sent to and from the camera/recorder via the expandable cable, which we provide with the modification.

The cost for this modification is $500.





A Brief History of the Development Process

* HDX900 Camera Mod 1.0 - we developed a modification that would send a time code signal to the Pix 240 and NanoFlash recorders without the need to have a tape in the camera's deck. We provided a switch in place of the user main switch, which was in an easily accessible location on the camera, to start time code running. When the external recorder received the time code signal from the camera's SDI out, it began recording. 

* HDX900 Camera Mod 2.0 - we further developed the modification to provide feedback into the camera's viewfinder (green LED), which indicated that a time code signal was in fact being sent to the external recorder, which would trigger the unit to start recording.

* HDX900 Camera Mod 3.0 - with our newest development to the modification, we have eliminated the switch from the user main location, and added a connector on the rear of the camera. With the supplied cable, a connection is made from the Lanc connector of the Pix 240, or the Remote connector of the NanoFlash, to the camera. You can now use the lens and VTR start/stop buttons as you always have, to trigger the unit to record. The green LED in the viewfinder is now a true confidence signal that the unit is actually recording!  


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