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Frequently Asked Questions

If new cameras come with a factory setup, why do they still need a setup?
A proper camera alignment setup improves picture quality in two ways.  First, the camera is aligned to actual lenses used, not the factory test lens, so that preset color is calibrated, lens flares and white shading are corrected.  User lenses do differ in these characteristics from factory lenses, resulting in about a fifty percent improvement in picture quality alone.  Second, the rest of the camera parameters, including color saturation, are set to a proven broadcast industry standard, in use by thousands of broadcast and video professionals in every conceivable application.

What is the Macie Uniform Standard camera setup?
It is a set of camera alignment parameters, with specific lens compensation that was developed in the early 1990's to fill the need of network news magazine shows, who require consistent, high image quality, from multiple crews, with a variety of camera makes and models.  The show producers who hire them benefit, because there is little, if any, expensive color correction in post production, and eliminates the need for a location video operator.  Setup includes additional looks and settings as well, with custom scene files.  Specialty Settings

How popular is the Macie Uniform Standard?
Primarily by word of mouth, about one half of Macie Videos 2,700+ clients send their camcorders in from all over the USA, just for that purpose. Once they get their camera back, many clients will end up sending their remaining cameras for setups and custom scene files as well. 

What type of cameras are capable for this setup standard?
This standard was developed for the purpose of creating a uniform look between manufacturers and models.   Most of the popular cameras are able to be setup with the Macie Uniform Standard.  Check out the list.  If your camcorder is not on the list, contact Macie Video Service.   We are constantly adding new models as they become available.  Camera List

What are the main benefits for independent videographers?
The most important is that your camera is properly set up to your lens, and its look is the one that the broadcast industry has grown up with.   Because it improves the look, it should increase the demand  for your services.   Shooting with other Macie Certified cameras, your field production should go smoother, look great, and closely match.  You also have the peace of mind knowing that your camera looks as good as it can. 

What are the benefits to the producers that hire you?
We often get such positive feedback on how much better Macie cameras look.   Producers love the fact that post production needs little if any color correction. Field producers can expect multi-camera shoots to go smoothly and within budget.  Check out our Testimonials Page.

What is the Macie Certified Program?
This program was developed  for and used daily by thousands of broadcast and video professionals who require the highest camera image quality, along with a host of other benefits. More on Macie Certified Program

Who else can benefit with this Macie Uniform Standard?
Rental companies, TV, Cable, sports networks, corporate studios, multi-camera flypack operators, and high-end video production companies.

What happens if HD video is downconverted or SD video is up-converted?
The color look does not change, only the picture detail.

Can't I just load someone else's setup card?
Because some cameras use scene files that include lens compensation, you could end up using someone else's lens parameters, which could detract from your camera's look. Digital cameras are very similar to analog cameras that use variable potentiometers, which were replaced with menu driven alignment controls.   We have been comparing cameras for years, and have found that similar models with alignment controls set to the same settings, will usually look different, as we verify on our test scopes.  There are differences in optical blocks, lenses, and component tolerances.  In addition, a good part of the image improvement is made with alignments that are related, so that you will not get the benefits of a full setup.  All our setups require that we set cameras to our uniform standard parameters, then save these settings to internal scene files, and backup on removable media.

I've got a really big shoot coming up that has quite a few HD cameras.  Can you help?
Over the last few years, Roger Macie has become a regular part of the setup and operational crews on some popular network shows. ESPN's World Series of Poker, and several of PBS's most popular cooking shows.    .

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